When I started secondary school, there were no accessible scientific balances available that I could use to do my practicals in Science. Therefore, I started out on a mission to get some scales made accessible. At first I tried the simple solutions. Seeing AI totally failed to work due to the type of LED screens on the scales, and when the school got some scales that could connect to their data logger app on the school iPad's the information wasn't properly accessible in the app. Therefore, my mentor Ben and I started work on a small program that could run on a Windows computer and could read out the mass from scales that would connect to the computer. The program now also allows to control functions of the scales, such as to tare them, using simple hot-keys. With this solution, I can now weigh out my own amounts of chemicals to use in experiments as independently as my sighted peers using my laptop and a standard scientific balance connected to it. We hope that more students get the chance to use Talking Balance as being able to do science experiments independently is important, fun, and is even required for A Levels.